IR'2001 - Infotech Oulu International Workshop on Information Retrieval

Contents of Tutorial "An Overview of Information Retrieval Techniques on non-Text Media"

    In this tutorial we examine various techniques for providing content access to information stored in a continuous medium, namely digital audio, image and digital video. Our coverage of audio is centered around post-processing the output of automatic recognition of speech or of phones and we describe the various approaches than have been taken in this area. We then address the approaches which can be taken to do retrieval on image data. In order to give reasonable coverage of the possibilities and limitations of content-based access to digital video information we sketch out at a high level, the approaches taken in various video compression algorithms, principally the MPEG family. We then address approaches to shot and scene boundary detection, choosing representative frames for browsing and for search, and various browsing interfaces that have been developed. We finish with an overview of the likely developments in this area in the future, in particular the status of the TREC Video track which allows information retrieval on digital video to be benchmarked.