IR'2001 - Infotech Oulu International Workshop on Information Retrieval

Location of Oulu Airport, City of Oulu and the University of Oulu (workshop venue)

The bus number 19 leaves from the front of the Oulu airport for the downtown Oulu. Bus fare is 20 FIM to downtown and 25 FIM to the campus.

Another possibility is to use a minivan type Airport Taxi that collects passengers from the front of the airport and takes you to any destination within the city limits of Oulu. The fare is 40-60 FIM. If you are in a hurry, this alternative is not recommended, because you may have to visit the destinations of other passengers before your turn finally comes.

Taxis are also available in front of the airport. A ride from the airport to downtown costs approximately 100 FIM. Airport-campus costs approximately 150 FIM.

You can find local bus stops around the city area. They are marked with yellow bus stop signs. You can travel to campus by busses number 4, 6,7, 19, 23 and 27. Bus fare is 13 FIM and the ride from downtown takes about 20 minutes. Busses from campus to downtown leave approximately every ten minutes.

A taxi ride from downtown to campus costs around 60 FIM. Tell your taxidriver the address: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa, Taxi stop number 1.

Workshop location at the campus

Flag with symbol B denotes the location of the bus stop and taxi stop number 1. Symbols R and 2S denote entrances to the workshop location.